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Residential Cleaning

Embrace the pride of a well-kept home with our standard cleaning service. Ideal for regular upkeep, we cover all the essentials to ensure your home is fresh and sparkling like a star. We focus on the most lived-in areas, bringing a rainbow of cleaning expertise to transform your space into an upscale, sunshine-filled environment.

Deep Cleaning

Dive into the sparkle of our intensive deep cleaning service. Perfect for those seasonal refreshes or when your home needs a bit more sunshine surface care, our deep cleaning targets every nook and cranny, leaving your space with a star-quality spotless result.

Move-in/out Cleaning

Streamline your transition with our specialized move-out cleaning services. Whether you’re moving in or out, we guarantee a pristine and welcoming space, ensuring your journey is smooth and filled with sunshine.

Move-In Unpacking/Organizing

Relocating doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our packing and unpacking services take the hassle out of moving, ensuring your belongings are carefully packed, organized, and ready for their new home.


At Cool Peaches Cleaning, we understand that a clean, upscale home begins with organization:

Closet Organization: Let us transform your closets into efficient, stylish spaces. Our team will help you declutter and organize, maximizing your space for that perfect blend of functionality and upscale elegance.

Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries: Reimagine your kitchen storage with our organizing solutions. From pantries to cabinets, we’ll create functional, easy-to-navigate spaces that reflect an upscale, organized lifestyle.

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We’re insured and all of our cleaners undergo stringent background checks.

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